our EUCOPET-co-operation model

EUCOPET, this is six smaller manufacturers of electric heating elements in Germany, Ireland, Italy, USA and Spain. In spite of mutual competition in products and markets they create their future jointly, free of distress, free of fear, convinced of the advantages.

EUCOPET is a horizontal co-operation strategy for small and medium-sized enterprises intending to add complementary individual strengths, especially in research and development. Innovative power and export orientation, important attributes for the survival of a future qualified company, reach in the EUCOPET co-operation to their full unfolding.

Because of its social and economic significance EUCOPET was accompanied and supported as European EUREKA-FACTORY project E! 1799 by three research institutes, the National Ministry for Education and Research (Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung, BMBF) and its project body responsible Production and Production Technologies (Projektträgerschaft Produktion und Fertigungstechnologien, PFT) from September 1997 until April 2000.

The most important result of this almost three years lasting project period was the development and realization of a co-operation platform, which allows the participating companies manyfold and intensive co-operation activities – namely in their teams, individual companies and of course the complete EUCOPET network.

The EUCOPET co-operation platform is modular in design and consists of technological, organisational and - most importantly - qualification and motivational (human resources) bricks. These bricks are not simply theoretical constructs. They are practicable and verified tools for approaching, designing, as well as operating and maintaining a co-operative relationship. EUCOPET, therefore, provides the best possible proof in itself.

Upon this platform – which is more "soft" than "hard" - we gave birth to remarkable product innovations accompanied by profound process design in administration and production. Due to these "hard" achievements together with a bit of luck in reaching and attracting an international market by linking and supplementing our individual sales networks in EUCOPET, we were nearly overwhelmed by a virtual ‘explosion’ of business, with no end in sight.

The EUCOPET project results, especially the various bricks of the co-operation platform, are documented in our guide "Chance Kooperation".
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