EUropean R&D CO-operation
among small and medium sized comPETitors

Friedr. Freek GmbH       KSG Gerätetechnik GmbH
Euroheat s.r.l.       Ceramicx Ireland

Specialists in Electric Process Heating

Our production programme:

  • » Cartridge Heaters
  • (medium and high-density / diameter 4,0 to 31,8 mm up to 400 V / various standard executions)

  • » Nozzle Heaters (also referred to as: HotMicroCoils, Minitubular Heaters, Coiled Heaters, Band Heaters)
  • (coiled or straight / with or without sleeving / various established systems / cross sections down to
  • 1,0x1,6 mm)

  • » Infrared Heaters (also referred to as: Infrared Emitters, Radiant Heaters, Panel Heaters)
  • (ceramic IR, quartz IR, quartz tungsten & quartz halogen / long wave,
  • medium wave & short wave / single elements & applications engineering)

  • » Tubular Heaters
  • (including Flexible "bend it yourself" Heating Pipes)

  • » Flat Heating Elements (also referred to as: Heating Plates, Mica Heaters, Nomex Band Heaters)
  • (custom made solutions / series & spare parts)

  • » Flexible Heaters (also referred to as: Silcone heaters, Polyester heaters, heating mats, foil heaters)
  • (silicone or polyester, wired or printed, self-adhesive backing for easy installation)

  • » Drum Heaters (also referred to as: Barrel Heaters, Container Heaters)
  • (Side, jacket & base heaters, various standards for most barrel and container sizes)

  • » Open Wire Heating Elements (also referred to as: Fan Heaters, Heating Crosses, Heater Coils)
  • (for all air heating applications, extended selection of tumble dryer heaters)

  • » Thermocouples & Controllers
  • (commodity articles)